Inhalt: 0,27 kg (31,48  / kg)

Baking mix based on organic original spelt flour, with cloverleaf cookie cutter.


Inhalt: 0,27 kg (31,48  / kg)

Baking mix based on organic einkorn wholemeal flour, with unicorn cookie cutter.


Inhalt: 0,27 kg (24,07  / kg)

Baking mix for muffins based on organic einkorn wholemeal flour.

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Inhalt: 0,22 kg (29,55  / kg)

Curry blend based on organic ancient cereals, lentils and buckwheat.


Inhalt: 0,45 kg (14,44  / kg)

Baking mix for brownies based on organic emmer wholemeal flour.


Inhalt: 0,52 kg (12,50  / kg)

Baking mix for farmhouse bread based on organic original spelt and rye flour.


Inhalt: 0,2 kg (32,50  / kg)

Risotto based on organic original grain, with shiitake mushrooms and herbs.


Inhalt: 0,5 kg (13,00  / kg)

Beluga lentils are also called "caviar lentils" because they are black and shiny. They are also considered to have a particularly noble taste.


Inhalt: 0,5 kg (9,20  / kg)

Rice blend based on organic pearl emmer, pearl einkorn and pearl spelt.

D like delicacy

We always like to look at the teachings of Hildegard von Bingen, a nun who has many good recommendations for a healthy diet. Spelt, or rather the original spelt, always plays an important role. And this is also the case at the Chiemgaukorn company in Trostberg. Many of the great products we buy there contain the healthy spelt. For example, the so-called Bavarian rice, or more precisely pearl grain, which tastes at least as good and has fantastic nutritional values. We are thrilled by the taste and we are not alone. Top chefs from all over the country like to use Bavarian rice in their culinary compositions and thankfully we have already been able to try out a lot, because the people from Chiemgaukorn publish great recipes on their website.
We say thank you for that and bravo to all the other great things on offer there in Trostberg, for example the Beluga lentils, which we like to serve with just a blob of sour cream as a simple starter.

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