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bald wieder da

( 49,80  45,40  / l)

Non-alcoholic Limoncello: Delicate lemon - Dolce Vita in a glass. This lemon aperitif is the non-alcoholic alternative to Limoncello.


(83,80  / l)

Herbal bitters made from ginseng and maca roots, bitter-spicy flavor notes.


(43,80  / l)

Non-alcoholic aperitif with tart hibiscus, elderberries and velvety vanilla.


(137,80  / l)

Spicy-bitter gin with juniper berries, ginseng, saffron and centaury.


(79,80  / l)

Monastery apothecary digestif. Powerful, finely balanced digestif based on regional artichokes. Bittersweet Symphony for your 9,000 taste buds.

B… for Bitter:

Why exactly we came up with the saying “After eating, you should rest or take a thousand steps”, the universe may know. We know that the saying is missing something. Because a bitter can also be wonderfully effective after a meal. Especially if it is one like that of the Jagla family of pharmacists from Wuppertal. Here, tradition is mixed with the desire to make an excellent product even better from generation to generation, in a manufactory approach and as mindful as possible. In the 1960s, artichoke leaves were added to the original recipe, which obviously harmonised perfectly, because from then on Jagla also produced an artichoke elixir. The development of ginseng was similar: Here, the idea was to make the traditional herbal digestif a little spicier. And voilà, ginseng root turned out to be the perfect partner. We were told that it is an insider tip among golfers to refresh themselves with a ginseng elixir as a long drink after a successful round. And because the ginseng root thing was such a stroke of luck, in 2018 the idea was born to distil the elixir and the result was a bombastic gin that was also completely sugar-free.


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