( 31,80  29,80  / l)

Cream liqueur with heavenly Hanseatic combination of vanilla, cinnamon and caramel.


(47,80  / l)

Exciting liqueur made from real licorice and lots of coffee for long, wakeful nights.


(51,80  / l)

Liqueur based on ginger and lemons, for pure enjoyment and as a kick in the drink.

Nork is the idea of four friends from Bremen and Hamburg to make Korn presentable again. The four of them have spent many a night together, dancing the night away and testing many an interesting drink. They wanted to reflect this balance between passionate nightlife and curiosity in their own grain. They envisioned a doppelkorn that was mild but not tasteless. Adaptable, but not boring. In cooperation with Hanschen Harm in Scheeßel, they managed to do just that. In the golden mean between Bremen and Hamburg they have been producing, bottling and labeling their Nork for a few years now. Since the middle of 2019, they have been able to announce with no small amount of pride that they were able to win over the world’s best grain distillery, the Sasse Fine Grain Distillery, for their project. Nork has become even better – but the idea remains! Because grain connects – connoisseurs, scenes, entire cities. Symbolic of this, Nork’s motto is “Bremen & Hamburg united at the bar.”

Ann-Katrin Dallmeyer, Johann Dallmeyer, Lars Galling GbR
Kreuzstr. 87
28203 Bremen
Tel.: +49 (0) 176 20557039