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Backpack bag, the ideal combination of backpack and bag, made from recycled sails.

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Fanny pack, aka hip bag, made from recycled canvas with number motif.

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Large shopping bag made from recycled sails, with shoulder strap and with large neon orange lobster

As with every cult company, everything at 360° started in a garage. Growing up in an enthusiastic sailing family, designer Edzard Kramer was already tinkering with bags and jackets made of sailcloth in 1995. A material whose properties (waterproof, tearproof, UV-resistant) make it ideal for further processing into streetwear, and which is also a fashionable exclamation mark in every respect (white, with sail mark).

During the course of his design work, Edzard Kramer has been working on bags and jackets made of sailcloth.

During his design studies in Hamburg, Kramer discovered another aspect of successful streetwear: functionality. The further development of the 360° product range was increasingly geared towards the needs of the modern city dweller.

Optically, the 360° product range remained the same.

Optically, the goal remained to create a timeless design that combines fashionable looks with functionality. The material and origin of the material were only to be discovered on closer inspection. Therein lies an essential difference to other recycled products.

After several exhibitions at major trade fairs (including Hanseboot, BOOT Düsseldorf), 360° Equipment quickly advanced to become an insider tip in the retail trade. 

The manufactory has been producing in Poland for 22 years in a small family business with 10 seamstresses, which is run very socially by mother and son, who sometimes sew along themselves.


Taschenagentur Kramer
Leverkusenstr.13 E
22761 Hamburg
Telefon: 040/39807672
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Homepage: www.taschen-aus-segeltuch.de