(74,00  / l)

Bitter liqueur with fruity notes of blackcurrant and orange.

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(95,80  / l)

Lively gin with lime, clove and dill in a harmonious botanical setting.


(105,80  / l)

Gin aged in rum barrels with deep, spicy notes and pleasant freshness.


(55,80  / l)

Naturally full flavor with the best bourbon vanilla - the Ehringhauser elderberry liqueur as a cooling refreshment in summer or as a hot drink on winter evenings.

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(55,80  / l)

The egg cream liqueur made with natural bourbon vanilla, fresh organic eggs and cream.

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(55,80  / l)

Finest orange essence, bourbon vanilla, fresh egg yolk, milk and cream, topped with noble fine brandy from local grains.


(85,80  / l)

Complex gin with fruity fresh flavors of sloe and poplar bud.


(99,50  / l)

Amber spelt grain from North Rhine-Westphalia with a malty mild taste.

E like enthusiasm … and like Ehringhausen:

As always, we are honest: With the distillates from the Ehringhausen estate in North Rhine-Westphalia, the eye really had a hand in our decision. We like the style very much and we also like very much what is in the fancy bottles: Korn, noble brandies and liqueurs.third generation Korn is distilled at the estate and with a huge dose of experimentation. The Ehringhausen siblings and their employees are constantly developing new flavor compositions, and each successful experiment pleases not only the entrepreneurs but also the enthusiastic fans of the Korn vom Gut.Because – Korn as a beverage rich in tradition certainly deserves to lose its image, which is somewhat dusty in parts, but in terms of character it can absolutely place itself in a row with other distillates.And the fact that the modern approach also includes the fact that only purely organically grown raw materials are used, we find on the one hand natural, but on the other hand also worth mentioning.

Distillery Ehringhausen
Ehringhauser way 2
59368 Werne
Tel: 02389 / 2363