Located in the heart of the Karoo, Sarah Kennan has managed with Leonista to produce the first agave brandy in South Africa that actually consists of 100% Karoo agaves, which have been growing there for hundreds of years. It is produced in the very old classic way, as known from Mexico: the agave plants are slowly baked and cooked in the fire and get their complex smoky aroma. After the baking process, the agave hearts are crushed in a stone mill. The juice that comes out is then filled into special vats for fermentation with cultured yeasts and ferments here for the next 12 days.
The final step is the distillation process: double distilled in small batches using the pot still method. It becomes clear: To make a traditional and above all high-quality agave brandy you need time, leisure and a lot of manual labor!

By the way: LEONISTA is 100% certified organic.

Dont call it “Tequila” – dont call it “Mezcal”
Why can’t we just call Leonista’s products Tequila or Mezcal? Only the agave spirit, which originates in Mexico, may officially be called mezcal or tequila…. And now available with us in the hinterland.

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