(71,80  / l)

Clear grain spirit with botanicals such as juniper, coriander and bog myrtle.


( 85,57  81,29  / l)

Golden single malt whiskey from Scottish barley, fruity bouquet.

Nc’nean looks ahead to the future of the whisky world. The Organic Single Malt is made from organically grown Scottish barley in a distillery that is 100 per cent powered by renewable energy. It is bottled in the UK’s first 100% recycled clear glass bottle. “Made by nature, not by rules” is accordingly the motto of one of the few women-owned whisky distilleries in the world.

Nc’nean was the first UK distillery to achieve net zero emissions for its production. This means that the small amount of CO2 emissions produced during production is less than the amount of emissions removed from the atmosphere.

“I started Nc’nean to change the way the world thinks about whisky from Scotland. To create light and delicious spirits that can exist in harmony with this planet we call home. Creative and curious, we are not afraid to go our own way.”
Annabel Thomas

Nc’nean Distillery
Drimnin,By Lochaline, PA80 5XZ

Deutscher Importeur:
Kirsch Whisky Service GmbH, Mackenstedter Str. 7, 28816 Stuhr