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We have tried them all! And we include the best ones here in our store. In almost all cases we know the manufacturers personally and we are really happy to present the manufactories and their unique products:


(74,00  / l)

Bitter liqueur with fruity notes of blackcurrant and orange.


( 24,14  21,29  / l)

Bitter liqueur from Bavaria with the taste of bitter orange, lemon and herbs. The new delivery will arrive on Friday 2.12. and will be shipped right after!!!


(27,00  / l)

Bitter liqueur with a balanced fruity cherry note and spicy gentian flavor.


The first sip counts! With our aperitif selection, the prelude to a shared feast shows itself from its best side. From fruity to tart, from well-known classics to innovative newcomers: With our assortment you will always enchant your guests anew.