Not the Girl who misses much

Sabine Schumacher and Anke Rabba love the sea, the mountains, books, music and St.Pauli. And they love simple, preferably unusual and/or functional design, high-quality workmanship and good production conditions.
They are genuinely amazed that they combine in their shop what they have studied and learned with great pleasure along the way: the carpenter, the industrial designer, the social pedagogue and the interior designer have found a common playing field here. 
“We like being here because everyone lets everyone be who they want to be. St. Pauli is village province and urban metropolis at the same time. Unagitated, unplanned, approachable. If you like to drift, observe and are willing to allow the unpredictable, you might get lost here.”

Not the Girl who misses much
Wohlwillstraße 20
20359 Hamburg
Telefon: 040 33442870