Guggenheimer Coffee


(34,00  / kg)

Gently and extra slowly roasted, mild-smooth taste, barista quality.


(29,00  / kg)

100% Arabica beans, gently and slowly roasted, aromas of nut and chocolate.


(25,00  / kg)

Gently and slowly roasted, mild-smooth taste, barista quality.

G for grandiose … and for Guggenheimer Coffee:

Yes, we know: Enjoyment is always a matter of taste. That’s why we invite you to test it: try the sensational Guggenheimer Coffee, which we are all completely enthusiastic about. We find this coffee pleasantly gentle rather than brisk and like to believe that this is because Guggenheimer has 80 years of experience in the balance. Roasting is still done in a small village near Naples, and the secret is to keep the coffee pure and not to roast it for too long, because then it becomes bitter. Our opinion: A very successful result. And by the way: Super chic, retro packaging. Mille grazie.

Guggenheimer Coffee
Wilhelm-Busch-Straße 22
12043 Berlin
Tel: 030 / 93910652