bald wieder da

(37,80  / l)

Non-alcoholic aperitif with flavors of fruity orange, grapefruit and thyme.

bald wieder da

(51,80  / l)

Non-alcoholic rum with hints of grounded oak, coffee and velvety vanilla.


(51,80  / l)

Non-alcoholic gin with notes of aromatic juniper, cardamom and lavender.

“The idea for Laori was born one night in a bar in Berlin,” says Stella, Laori’s founder. “I was out with friends and didn’t want to drink alcohol. The alternatives were too sweet and boring for me with soda, non-alcoholic juice cocktails and water. I just want a gin & tonic without alcohol. But there was no such thing. The idea never left me and I started distilling in my own kitchen. I quickly discovered that for a good and equivalent taste experience, you can’t get far with the known processes. With Christian as my co-founder, we used his expertise to jointly develop a novel process for Laori.”
Stella and Christian, the founders of Laori are epicureans, love good drinks and socializing. In 2019, they founded Laori out of their own need. The goal: to make alcohol-free in horny and create delicious drinks for adults, without the hangover the next day. You create an equivalent taste experience with Laori to alcoholic beverages that are simply delicious. They develop their products themselves and together with the customers. This ensures their high standards of enjoyment, quality and naturalness  .

Beyond Drinks GmbH
Stella-Oriana Strüfing and Christian Zimmermann
Chausseestraße 103
10115 Berlin