bald wieder da

(25,00  / l)

Non-alcoholic orange bitter with taste of fruity orange and herbs.


(25,00  / l)

Non-alcoholic rosé vermouth with flavor of grapes and thyme.


(25,00  / l)

Non-alcoholic red vermouth with taste of grapes, herbs and cinnamon.

bald wieder da

(27,86  / l)

Non-alcoholic gin with flavors of juniper, lemon and fresh herbs.

The guys from Undone all have one thing in common: they live and love bar culture! Together they have several decades of experience in the restaurant and beverage industry. Through their shared passion for great drinks, they ultimately got to know each other.

André Stork
André describes himself as a passionate drinker. In recent years, he was responsible for product development and global marketing at a leading spirits company. With Cranehouse, he founded an innovative spirits distribution network.

Mehmet Ünlü
Mehmet, probably the most active member of the Undone founding team, comes from Austria. His young founder resume not only includes the successful establishment and sale of a coffee shop chain, but he is also the co-founder of the spirits distribution company Cranehouse. As a former aspiring professional soccer player, he is familiar with the situation where bars lack non-alcoholic alternatives.

Felix Schlüter
A multi-award winning designer, Felix is Undone’s creative go-to guy for the latest design trends in lifestyle, fashion and music. Among others, he was responsible for the visual appearances of various well-known German music acts such as Die Toten Hosen, Die Ärzte and Jan Delay.

Helmut Adam
As co-founder of the renowned Mixology magazine for bar culture and the world’s leading spirits trade fair Bar Convent Berlin, Helmut has had an enormous influence on the development of bar and beverage culture over the past 20 years.


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