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Purist, high-proof gin with reduced botanicals of blood orange and black tea.


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Vermouth from base of Pinot Noir grapes with bittersweet blood orange spirit.

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Gin with fruity-tart botanicals such as blood orange, lemongrass, mint and clove.

The two wonderful spirits come from four young people: Tim, Fabian, Andranik and Simon. They call their company “Kosmaten”. Cosmats are actually marble decorators who worked in the field of interior decoration of churches between the 12th and 14th centuries, especially in Rome. With their incrustations, they decorated floors, for example. Tim, Fabian, Andranik and Simon want to put together their spirits with the same artistry and attention to detail. The gin made from fresh mint and lemongrass, tangy blood orange and spicy clove. In the end, the result is a coherent overall picture.

The founders are absolute gin fans and had already been to countless gin tastings before they decided to create their own personal gin. Since then, a distiller friend in the Kaiserstuhl region has been helping them with the production. Thanks to the high quality of the botanicals and the gentle processing of the ingredients, there is no need for the addition of sugar or flavourings.

With the sales of each bottle, the four guys support charitable organisations like the Green Forest Fund, Helpers on the Move. Details can be found on their homepage.

Kosmaten GbR
Hauptstätter Str. 112
70178 Stuttgart
Tel.: +49 (0) 171 / 485 88 32