Oil Berlin


(107,14  / kg)

Dark purple Kalamata olives with sea salt and vinegar, dried and ground.


(107,14  / kg)

Green olives with sea salt, bukovo, coriander and garlic, dried and ground.


(55,00  / l)

Mild, varietal olive oil made from organic Coroneiki olives, harvested near Kalamata in Greece.

bald wieder da

(72,22  / kg)

Handmade nourishing soap from extra virgin organic olive oil.


(36,11  / kg)

Olive paste made from Kalamata olives and Koroneiki olive oil, garlic and oregano.


(34,21  / kg)

Olive paste made from green olives and almonds, refined with herbs and sea salt.


(23,00  / l)

Mild olive oil from Koroneiki olives harvested around Andania in the Peloponnese in Greece.


(29,00  / l)

Mild, varietal olive oil made from organic Coroneiki olives, harvested near Kalamata in Greece.

Organic olive oil from Kalamata

All good things come in threes – that’s what Marc, Simone and Amadeus thought when in 2015 a fixed idea gave birth to the brand OEL, which has since proven that it is not only due to youthful idealism, but a good portion of passion, bite and the necessary focus have made the recipe for success really round. A success that of course did not come overnight, and yet the question has never been “whether….”, but always “how…”. One morning the three finally woke up and could say: OEL has outgrown its infancy, now it’s about “growing up”.

So for the three founders Marc, Simone and Amadeus, it was time to stop rolling up their sleeves themselves and get reinforcements to turn the self-made brand OEL into its very own personality with a fresh look from the outside. To this end, they have brought in professional reinforcements from all sides and started to grow within their own ranks, because the three of them have learned one thing in the last six years: team work makes the dream work!

The fact that this dream does not simply consist of “green gold” should have long been clear to everyone. With their focus on innovation, sustainability and transparency, the trio is shaping a zeitgeist that will henceforth replace conventional food production and fundamentally change our consumer behavior. Thus, OEL is not just a product, but a lifestyle – back to values that have become rare, for a better future for everyone!

But who is the lady in the logo?
Allow me: Anthoula Tzamouranis. The all-possible grandmother, with whose own olives and contacts to other olives, a flat idea could become reality in no time. When she is not busy keeping the clan together and providing for everyone, at the tender age of 72 she still has the leisure to show the youngsters how to harvest.
The choice of her portrait as the emblem, and thus the core of our design, is an acknowledgement, homage and return to values that have become rare in .

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