Welcome to the Hinterland!

In Freising opened a concept store for selected manufactures

Everyone in Freising is probably familiar with the two small houses on Untere Hauptstraße, which have been undergoing extensive renovation for almost two years now. Both are individual monuments from the early 16th century, most of the building fabric still exists and has now been lovingly modernized.

What may happen to the house, many are now asking. Is this going to be a commercial building again and if so, what industry? So: what goes in there?

It has been clear for a long time to the architects of “Fiedler und Partner”, Heidi Scholz and Reinhard Fiedler, that something special should be created in this special gem. And pretty quickly it was just as clear to the two of them, “This one, we’re doing it ourselves.” They do it themselves – simply put – to offer things they would like to buy for themselves or give away.

For months, Scholz and Fiedler visited small manufacturers in Germany and abroad, were convinced by the enormous quality and inspired by the captivating aesthetics. Have learned that the smaller producers place very high value on things like sustainability, want to know exactly where what is produced and how.

And so, peu-à-peu, an assortment developed that, between food and clothing, between care products and special things, is above all able to satisfy a small inner longing: that for the quiet, the good, the tasteful. And that this assortment fits in this house particularly, is also certain, the monument in its long history had always been home to Kramerläden, in which good food and just a little bit more were offered in a personal atmosphere.

Heidi Scholz and Reinhard Fiedler soon decided on the title of their latest project: “aus dem hinterland” will be the name of the new store. Because, as Fiedler describes it, the good and the fine are not to be found in the same shopping streets of the big cities. But with us, in the hinterland.

Hinterland opens in mid-July 2019 on Untere Hauptraße in Freising. Always on Saturdays you will also be able to taste individual products.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 09 – 19 h, Saturday: 09 – 16 h.