Zuckerstern designs and produces the three main collections Kitchen Love, Men’s Household and Children’s Kitchen, as well as a limited range for the home and lifestyle sector. The various product groups around the theme of cuisine are lovingly tailored to the respective target group and season.
Our textiles are produced in Asia and Germany. A small production facility that allows our limited editions was specifically selected locally. This cooperation guarantees not only the good quality and processing, but also fair working conditions on site.
The produced textiles made of 100% cotton are then further processed in our premises in Nuremberg.
Part of our assortment is complemented by the graphic design of the “Card Kitchen”. The hand-drawn illustrations in the form of recipe postcards or small cookbooks are carefully coordinated with our textile products in terms of content as well as color and give this product area a lovely, playful touch.
In the final step of our collection design, we emphasize high-quality packaging. Embossed natural cartons, paper bags or jars complete our products to a special gift item.

bags and more GmbH
Hinterhofstraße 60
90451 Nuremberg
Tel: 0911 – 96462464
E-mail: info@zuckerstern.com
Homepage: www.zuckerstern.com

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