S as in tangy … and as in Stadler:

In Piding, which lies just before the Austrian border on the last square kilometers of Upper Bavaria, there is still, what has unfortunately become rare, a wine press house. It is called Stadler and it is a place worth visiting for several reasons.
One is the lemonades developed by junior Michael Stadler. Zero artificial flavors, extra fresh taste.
Goes splashed or pure, at the picnic or even with an aperitif. Unusual varieties like gentian and sage awaken the explorer in you. Cranberry could be a permanent solution to your thirsty feeling. Is called M.A.T. Craft Lemonade and inspires us. Very.

Gaißacherstrasse 31
83646 Bad Tölz
E-mail: info@matdrinks.com
Homepage: www.matdrinks.com

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