B like burger sauce … and like BBQ:

As so often in life, the story of the Nero company begins with a journey. A journey that led to a key experience. The later company founders were in Ghana and saw there what happens when rainforest is processed into charcoal. Barren land that scared the three travelers and gave birth to an idea: We want to offer barbecue charcoal regionally. We want to barbecue without a guilty conscience. And so it came to pass. Nero today stands for organic, for controlled origin and prefers regional raw materials. For his barbecue coal. But also for the other products around the barbecue, which are now on offer. Among other things, an extremely practical barbecue box with sauces and spices, which really makes the preparations much easier.

Nero Ltd
Werner Haas Street 8
86153 Augsburg
Tel: 0821 / 20709840

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