Less Waste Club

With the Less Waste Club, Rosalie and Max from Munich have made it their goal to see plastic as a raw material that can do much more than end up in landfills after a single use. Their mission is to reduce much of the plastic waste in everyday use. They are visionaries, but at the same time realists. Our lifestyle as we are used to it cannot exist with “Zero Waste”. For this reason, they want to make obvious things simpler, more efficient and, above all, more sustainable. Four points are important to them in the implementation of the mission: quality, transparency, dedication and fun.
Their first goal is to banish  1,000,000 single-use plastic bottles from bathrooms.

Less Waste. Sustainability. Function. Design.

“Our mission is to make everyday products more sustainable for the environment and everyday life without producing new single-use plastic packaging. In our “Waterless” body care products, we reduce the water content to almost zero! Only by adding water in your own bathroom, the powder then becomes a “normal” shower gel or liquid hand soap. Our products in powder form act like normal care products – only good for the environment. The powder is packaged in a paper sachet, which does not require a sealing film and yet protects the product from environmental influences. After use, the empty sachet can easily be disposed of in the paper garbage can.”

Less Waste Club UG
Pittrich 30
94356 Kirchroth
Tel.: +49 151 / 54749051
E-mail: info@lesswasteclub.com
Homepage: www.lesswasteclub.com

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